All of our devices are wireless except the Gateway. So that anyone can setup automation devices in any time in any house.

If electricity fails then all the devices will be deactivated and if internet fails then you will not be able to control the device with mobile phone. In that case you can only control the devices manually.

You can give maximum 60 persons access to this software.

No, Minimum 1mbps internet speed is required for the smooth run.

No, There are no chances of hacking because all these devices are controlled by AWS network which is the most secured network right now.

Yes. This software is made for both android and IOS.

You will contact with the support team and you will get solution within 48 hours.

No. Our devices consume less than the regular electrical equipment.

We can provide maximum 3 gang switch. There are no option for 4 gang switch.

After installation battery lasts for 1.5 years

Yes, These batteries are available in every local markets.