About Us

1 Touch is a company specialized in home & commercial automation, AI based products, advanced surveillance system & advanced technical solutions. It is a concern of Polock Group, established in 1999. Polock group is an interior design & realty management company. To expand their services, Polock group introduced 1Touch to provide intelligent solutions in 2015.

Our solutions make your daily tasks convenient by giving easier access & saving time. These products are energy efficient, time saver & smart. We provide solutions that make lives easier. Now through smart phones you can control artificial & natural lighting by controling our electrical gang switches, smart curtains. You can save energy by controling electrical supplies for your electronic devices such as fan, air conditioner, television. You can ensure security & safety by installing our video door lock (a door lock with camera & video converstaion), gas detector and many more. We have various range of solutions for both your home & commercial spaces.

Our AI based surveillance system ensures maximum security at minimum effort. Our smart security system gives you the opportunity to manage access control, perimeter security, parking mangement, video surveillance.

Our company is organised with a group of young creative engineers, as we are always ready to meet different challenges for current contexts. Our advanced technical solution team provides services on smart education system, toilet management and many more.