Smart Education System

Our education system is a construct of the industrial age: our traditional classrooms were based on one-way learning and designed to prepare students to work in a manufacturing-based economy. This model is now redundant.
Today’s students are exposed to digital technology from birth, they do best in an interactive environment – where learning is experiential and involves high levels of sensory stimulation. We need to build this as standard into our curriculum. Work sheets, rote learning and lecture-based teaching are no longer appropriate. At the same time, administrative tasks and processes have increased the burden on teachers. We must ease this burden, freeing our educators to focus on what they do best. We need our education systems to teach the skills Bangladesh need for a digital economy. Globalization and technology advances are rapidly changing skill requirements. Tomorrow’s graduates will primarily be employed as knowledge workers in our services-based economy. We need to give them the skills to succeed in this very different work environment.
• Adaptive learning programs and learning portfolios for students.
• Collaborative technologies and digital learning resources for teachers and students.
• Computerized administration, monitoring and reporting to keep teachers in the classroom.
• Better information on our learners.
• Online learning resources for students everywhere.

Smart e-Blackboard provides a more scientific solution to classrooms with a capacitive LCD touchscreen panel and writable glass surface design. It empowers teachers to be efficient and effective by the built-in software suite and allows students to have an intuitive perception of teaching contents.
Integration of a capacitive LCD touchscreen panel, writable photoelectric glass, an OPS computer with Windows and Android OS, wireless microphone, speaker, wireless camera and Wi-Fi, the smart e-Blackboard has everything for a multimedia classroom.

Another important factor of educational institutes is to ensure safety of the premises and students. We have developed some smart features that meet the current needs of educational facilities. It controls access of an educational institute. A special feature of our system is smart toilet management. Our smart surveillance system ensures maximum security of these premises which includes perimeter security, video surveillance.

Toilet management is all about ensuring students safety. Our system indicates toilet occupancy, vacancy, anomalous usage time etc.

Face recognition swing barriers are great way to prevent unauthorized access to educational institutes. And it works as digital attendance management system. Smart Surveillance system Our video surveillance systems enable the authority to monitor the school premises 24/7. We have a various numbers of cameras to fit our client needs.

Perimeter security keeps the educational system under monitoring all the time. By using it, the administration can restrict unauthorized entry/exit. So unwanted people cannot access the building, neither the students will be unable to bunk and get out of school premises through building walls.

Educational institutes where unauthorized vehicle access building premises may require under vehicle scanning system (UVSS) to ensure building safety.